Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

~Mahatma Gandhi


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People who have worked with Phyllis have expressed appreciation for her services. You are welcome to add your comments below.

Working with Phyllis has been an act of courage and enlightenment for me. I knew from the first session she was "on the job" and giving our work together her full attention. She saw an astonishing connection which led to a life-changing revelation for me, thanks to her listening skills. This work is not for the faint of heart, not if you want results. Phyllis delivers results.

Loveland, CO

It is wonderful to have a conversation with someone and feel heard, supported and cared for. Phyllis is such a person in my life. She has the training, the motivation and the heart to guide people in a direction that one can feel good about. In the first session I had with Phyllis, I felt like she was able to help guide me right to the heart of my ideal job. Since then, I have been able to see and feel this career in a new way; it feels very authentic and true. I get the sense when I am with Phyllis, that she is helping to guide me to the answers that are already within, and then bring that clarity to the surface. She is a wonderful presence in my life.

Arvada, Colorado

Long before Phyllis was a certified life coach, she gently led me to discover the paths I needed to take.  I always have felt comfortable talking with Phyllis about various changes in my life: changing jobs, moving to new locations, ending, beginning, and continuing relationships.  She never gave me advice, just talked with me and really listened to me.  I always came away from a conversation with her with a renewed sense of confidence that I was moving in the right direction.  She has given me wonderful counsel and friendship.

Greeley, CO

Working with Phyllis was inspiring and effortless. Her ability to help me focus on what I most needed to achieve my goals opened up a variety of new possibilities.

Fort Collins, CO
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